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Whatever the size, style or age of your property, we can help by providing constant, efficient, low cost heating and hot water all year round.

Our systems will significantly reduce heating bills as well as improving the overall environment. Something worth considering when you think that, as an example, heating and hot water accounts for over 85% of energy usage in care homes and health care properties and around 75% of energy usage in schools.

Reduced heating bills

Our systems will significantly reduce heating bills as a heat pump typically takes three-quarters of the energy it requires from the ground or the air. It therefore uses a lot less energy than an average gas or oil boiler to produce the same amount of heat.

Utilise your estate

The collector loop of a ground source heat pump is installed approximately 1.2 metres below the surface of the land. This gives you the ability to earn money from beneath land such as a school playing field. Air source heat pumps do not require a collector loop and are a space saving and cheaper alternative, making them ideal for smaller buildings or extensions.

High volume of hot water on demand

Heat pumps generate plenty of hot water as it is required, meeting the demands of busy buildings which are often constantly in use.

Reliable and low maintenance heating

As a heat pump doesn’t use any form of combustion, it should be expected to last much longer than a traditional boiler and will require less maintenance than other renewable alternatives. For example, our ground source heat pump should last more than 30 years – at least three times longer than a modern condensing boiler.

Increased safety of low temperature radiators

Heat pumps are at their most efficient when providing steady state heat at a lower flow temperature. This makes them an ideal solution for low temperature radiators or underfloor heating in environments where safety is paramount, without compromising on the heat output.

Reduced carbon footprint

Heat pumps generate much lower CO2 emissions than conventional heating systems, helping organisations to meet the environmental credentials expected of them.

A church which now benefits from ground source heating