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1950s Semi-detached house

1950s Semi-detached house

The retired owners of a 1950s semi are benefitting from constant warmth and reduced energy bills thanks to an air source heat pump installation by Finn Geotherm.

Mr and Mrs T chose a heat pump when the boiler for their existing heating needed to be replaced. Having already been making their home increasingly energy efficient, they sought the best possible heating option.

Choosing Finn Geotherm on recommendation from friends, they had a Dimplex LA 9 air source heat pump and thermal store installed, and upgraded the radiators to ensure maximum efficiency. They chose this particular heat pump because it is ideal for providing high levels of heat and hot water in larger properties.

The switch to renewable heating has saved Mr and Mrs T a considerable amount of money on their heating bills, freeing up cash to help them enjoy their retirement. It has also made the whole house feel much warmer and comfortable: ideal now they are spending more time at home rather than being at work all day.

Mr T said:

“We don’t even have to think about our heating anymore. We just leave the system on and the whole house feels warm all the time, yet we don’t have to worry about how much this will cost. It’s also taken away the hassle of ensuring we’ve ordered enough oil and the worry of whether there will be enough to last if there’s a particularly cold snap.”

Mrs T added:

“There’s always enough hot water. Not just for us, but also for when the family come to stay. We don’t have to work out a timetable to ensure everyone can have a hot bath or shower anymore!”

The Dimplex Air Eau air source heat pump installed into the property

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