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Heat Recovery Systems

Heat Recovery Systems

How does a heat recovery system work?

Heat recovery systems are designed to take the heat out of warmed stale air, and then use this heat to preheat incoming fresh air.

This allows modern buildings to avoid stuffiness, without having to open windows, thus wasting energy.

Systems can also have the option of cooling incoming air during warmer summer months. Ideally this will include a link to a ground source heat pump, so that the excess heat during the summer is passed, via the ground source heat pump collector loop, into the earth. The ground around the collector loop is then steadily warmed up. As the heat transfer rate in earth is very slow, the heat is built up to be harvested again during the winter, when the house needs to be warmed. This system is called a thermal bank.

A diagram showing how an energy recovery system works to assist renewable heating efficiency

Enervent air handling units guarantee fresh and clean indoor air with minimal operating costs. Enervent units are equipped with a rotary heat exchanger which is able to increase the annual heat recovery efficiency up to 80%.

Lämpöässä and Enervent systems are perfectly designed to work with each other to do this. Lämpöässä are the leading manufacturer of ground source heat pumps in Finland. Enervent are the market leaders in heat recovery. Together they provide the best of both worlds, allowing you to benefit from optimum system efficiency. Finn Geotherm is the only company in the UK that are authorised to supply and install Lämpöässä and Enervent systems.An image of an Enervent Pelican heat recovery system with the front open, showing the internal components

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