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Both ground and air source heat pumps are ideal for office premises, business parks and commercial enterprises.

Heating commercial premises with a heat pump can significantly reduce heating costs and increase your organisation’s green credentials. The low level constant heat will also create a better working environment for employees.

Lower fuel bills

A ground or air source heat pump can reduce the cost of heating your business because less energy is needed to generate the same amount of heat. You will also be shielded long term from the volatility in fossil fuel prices, which, when rising, can generate a considerable extra cost to a business.

Celebrating the commercial installation of the ground source heat pump at the Dinosaur park

Long term reliability

As a heat pump does not involve any form of combustion, it should be expected to last much longer than a traditional boiler and will require less maintenance. We would expect an air source heat pump to last between 15 to 20 years and a ground source system to last more than 30 years. An average condensing boiler, on the other hand, is likely to last only between seven and 10 years.

Reduced carbon footprint

Heat pumps generate much lower CO2 emissions than conventional heating systems, helping to boost environmental policies such as ISO 14001 and promote businesses as being socially responsible organisations.

Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS)

If your organisation is eligible for ESOS – a mandatory energy assessment scheme administered by the Environment Agency – we can help you to meet your recommendations and deliver key benefits such as reductions in energy and carbon emissions.

Active and passive cooling

Finn Geotherm can design and install heat pump systems which also offer active and passive cooling. One such example of this is the award-winning project at RAGT Seeds, where a passive cooling system was installed as part of the ground source heat pump project. Passive cooling helps to maintain a constant temperature within RAGT’s glasshouses in the summer, but without having any impact on the RHI available.

District heating

If you have a number of buildings to heat on one site, heat pumps are ideal for running a district heating (also known as communal heating) scheme. This uses one main heat pump system to supply heating and hot water to a series of premises. See our district heating page for more details.

A T1 series ground source heat pump installed into a commercial premises

“The ground source heat pump system is delivering everything we hoped at a lower energy cost than expected. The quality of workmanship throughout the job was exceptional with obvious care and pride being put into every aspect of the installation.”

Steve Brown, Operations and Production Manager, RAGT Seeds