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What are the benefits of a heat pump?

Both ground and air source heat pumps offer significant advantages over conventional heating systems such as oil and gas, or indeed alternatives such as biomass and LPG.

Our infographic shows just some of the pros of using a heat pump for your heating and hot water – but there are many more.

an infographic showing the benefits of choosing a ground or air source heat pump for your heating

  • Cut your energy use – ground and air source heat pumps are highly energy efficient
  • Future-proof your bills – heat pumps are a sustainable alternative to the volatility of fossil fuels
  • Get help to switch – funding is available for your heat pump project.
  • Protect the environment – cut your carbon emissions by choosing renewable, energy efficient heating

Find out more in our short video:

Our Products pages provide more information on the features of both ground and air source heat pumps, as well as the leading range of systems we offer from Stiebel Eltron and Panasonic. See also our FAQs page for commonly asked questions or contact us if you have a more detailed query.