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Whether your home is a cosy cottage or a magnificent mansion we will provide the best solution to save you money and keep you warm.

Our renewable heating solutions are designed to provide constant, low level, energy efficient and cost effective heating so your home stays warm and cosy all the time – without the worry of how much this will cost.

Get paid to heat your home

Renewable heating will not only significantly reduce your heating bills: you will also get paid to switch to this more environmentally friendly form of heating. Through the government’s Boiler Upgrade Scheme, grants of up to £6,000 are available for homeowners looking to switch from an oil or gas boiler to a heat pump.

Worry free heating, on when you need it

What’s even better is the simplicity and peace of mind our systems bring. They eliminate the hassle of having to try and time your heating around the family schedule and remove the fear of whether there will be enough oil to last you through a cold snap. Our customers consistently tell us they never have to think about their heating now; they know their home will always feel warm.

Reliable heating

Our systems are also designed to be long lasting, and low maintenance. As a heat pump doesn’t use any form of combustion, it should be expected to last much longer than a traditional boiler and will require less maintenance than other renewable alternatives. For example, our ground source heat pump should last more than 30 years – at least three times longer than a modern condensing boiler.

What renewable heating options can I choose from?

Both ground and air source heat pumps are suitable for domestic properties. We can also include heat recovery systems within the design to increase ventilation and the circulation of fresh air.

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“I cannot speak highly enough about Finn Geotherm. The office staff and the team of plumbers and electricians are all quite amazing. I have no hesitation in recommending this company for ground source and air source installations.”

Anthony Thomas, Norfolk

“I am very pleased with my ground source heat pump. I wanted a heating system that was sustainable and energy efficient while ensuring my home would also always be warm.”

Dave Nobbs, Dereham