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Bungalow on the Broads kept cosy by air source

Bungalow on the Broads kept cosy by air source

The owners of a three-bedroom bungalow on the Norfolk Broads are enjoying a cosy retirement thanks to an air source heat pump installed by Finn Geotherm.

Mike and Denise Bolger moved into their bungalow in 2016, having bought it off-plan from a local builder. The bungalow is one of three built on the same site and each was designed specifically to include an air source heat pump. The properties have solid walls throughout to help create a good thermal mass which works with the heat pump to deliver heating via underfloor heating and hot water.

Mike explains: “This is our eighth home and the first to have a heat pump. We’d had all different types of heating in previous properties but never a heat pump. I was a little apprehensive, but I did my research and felt reassured by how well my builder had planned it all out and the expertise of renewable heating installer Finn Geotherm.”

The bungalow is fitted with a 6kW Panasonic air source heat pump. The accompanying cylinder is positioned in a hallway cupboard which is also used as airing cupboard.

Having lived in the property for seven years, Mike and Denise are now complete heat pump converts.

Mike said:

“There’s nothing I know that’s better. Our bungalow is lovely and warm throughout. As a retired couple, we can enjoy our time at home without any hassle – the heating is clean, there’s no dust or mess. We’re also very proud to be doing our bit for the environment by stepping away from gas and oil.”

Another key benefit of the system is that by having underfloor heating throughout, the property has no radiators, allowing furniture to be positioned anywhere in the rooms. A keen gardener, Mike is now also enjoying growing houseplants which thrive inside his warm, draught-free home.The couple had solar panels fitted on their roof two years ago, which are now helping to power their heat pump.CO2 savings:Since its installation in 2016, Mike and Denise Bolger’s heat pump has saved approximately 16.09 tonnes of CO2.

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