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Enervent LTR Range

The horizontal LTR models are designed to be installed in a roof space. Units of the LTR range have particularly efficient urethane insulation, so they can be installed in a cold space, such as an attic, with extra insulation. All of the LTR range are equipped with Enervent’s energy efficient rotating heat exchanger

The unit is manufactured of galvanised sheet metal. The LTR 3 has the same qualities as the Pingvin but is unpainted. It is equipped with efficient direct current fans and with F4/5 level panel filters. F7 class bag filters and an electric after heater are optional.

The Enervent LTR-6 and a Lämpöässä ground source heat pump suit each other well. LTR-6 units can be fitted with cooling and heating coils which get their capacities from the heat pump. An efficient heat recovery system will enable you to save on your heating bill, whatever your main heating source is.

The LTR systems are available with both Enervent control system options: the cost-effective EC control and the more versatile EDA control system. Designed for the Enervent Family series, the EDA control system is one of the most versatile controls on the market. This ensures that the air handling can be fitted exactly to suit your needs.


Air Flow Max (exhaust/supply air flow)

LTR-2-70/+75 l/s
LTR-3-110/+110 l/s
LTR-4-150/+140 l/s
LTR-6-190/+190 l/s
LTR-7-390/+390 l/s

House air volume

LTR-20 - 388m³
LTR-30 - 609m³
LTR-40 - 831m³
LTR-60 - 1052m³
LTR-70 - 2160m³
Air Flow Max (exhaust/supply air flow)House air volume
LTR-2-70/+75 l/s0 - 388m³
LTR-3-110/+110 l/s0 - 609m³
LTR-4-150/+140 l/s0 - 831m³
LTR-6-190/+190 l/s0 - 1052m³
LTR-7-390/+390 l/s0 - 2160m³

The Enervent LTR range of heat recovery units are especially suitable for renovation sites where it is difficult to find space for vertically mounted air handling units.