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Silence is golden with new green heating system at Vestry Hall

Silence is golden with new green heating system at Vestry Hall

The London College of Music, a 130-year-old specialist music and performing arts college, part of University of West London (UWL), has upgraded its Vestry Hall performance space with a state-of-the-art renewable heating system installed by Finn Geotherm.

Built in 1879, Vestry Hall in Ealing comprises two fully equipped studios, an orchestral recording space and a drum and amplified-instrument live room. Historically, the facility had been heated using a gas-fired boiler with outdated radiators and pipework, which affected comfort temperature levels across the building.

As part of UWL’s decarbonisation strategy to reduce the emissions generated by its sites, Finn Geotherm was appointed by main contractor, Ameresco, to install a more energy-efficient and low carbon heating technology. The project was funded by the UK Government’s Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme (PSDS) Phase 1 to improve energy efficiency, reduce carbon emissions, and lower energy bills.

Having conducted a full site survey and heat loss analysis, Finn Geotherm specified and installed two Panasonic 16kW TCAP air source heat pumps. The air source heat pumps were installed on a reinforced concrete base with anti-vibration mountings and rubber insulated pipework to reduce noise pollution in the local environment. New radiators were also installed throughout the building.

The air source heat pump system has generated savings over 47,500 kWh of energy and 10 tCO2e, while ensuring the facility is heated adequately (and quietly!) throughout, all year round.

Claire Willitts, director of property services at University of West London, said:

“It was essential to balance our decarbonisation needs with our local impact on this project as well as compliment the heritage building.”

Guy Ransom, commercial director of Finn Geotherm, said:

“We are very pleased with the outcome of this installation at Vestry Hall. While decarbonisation was the key objective, we also had to be sure this new system wouldn’t impact the occupants. Having conducted a week-long noise analysis of the new system, we were delighted to have the heat pumps described as ‘embarrassingly quiet’, with them creating no determinable noise that would impact the building and those performing inside it. This is another great example of the suitability of heat pumps to properties of all ages, sizes and uses.”

CO2 savings:

The system at Vestry Hall is saving 10 tCO2e (tonnes of CO2 equivalent)

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