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Top tips for seasonal energy saving

Top tips for seasonal energy saving

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, but it’s also often a time of excess. Here are Finn Geotherm’s top tips for saving energy this festive season:

  • Lights

No Christmas tree is complete without being decked out in lights but opt for LED lights as they use 90% less energy than conventional ones. Turn off your tree lights when you go to bed and set any outdoor lights on timers too so they aren’t left on all night.

  • Turn off your TV

According to the Energy Saving Trust, 53% of people admit to leaving the TV on as background noise. Try to switch off the TV if no-one’s watching it.

  • A+++ appliances

If you’re planning to replace any white goods in the January sales, make sure you choose the most energy-efficient models. Opt for appliances with A+++ ratings (the lowest will be F or G). According to the Energy Saving Trust, an A+++ fridge freezer can save £250 and 640kg of CO2 over its lifetime, compared to a less-efficient model.

  • On standby

Switch off anything which is left on standby such as TVs and DVD players as these all use electricity. Roughly 15% of all domestic electricity used is for standby functions.

Also, don’t leave any devices plugged in and charging after the battery is full. A fully charged phone uses two watts and a phone that is charging uses three watts so there is not much difference. Don’t forget to unplug your laptop if you’ve been working from home.

  • Talking turkey

When it comes to cooking your Christmas dinner, keep the oven door closed as much as possible to retain the heat. Roast all the vegetables in the same tray to reduce oven time (and time spent washing up too!). The same can be done with boiled or steamed vegetables – cook your sprouts and carrots in one pan on the hob.

  • Time for a cuppa

The kettle’s bound to get a lot of use if you’ve got visitors popping over for a cuppa and a mince pie, but remember to just boil the water you need. Research says UK tea drinkers could save nearly £1 million a day in electricity savings by only boiling what’s needed – and that’s not even including coffee drinkers, or anyone boiling water for cooking!

  • Heating

If you are seeing some family this Christmas, the house might get a bit too warm with some extra people inside.  Turn down the thermostat or adjust your radiators in advance.

Don’t forget the best way to save money on your heating and hot water all year round is by switching to an energy efficient ground or air source heat pump!

Season’s greetings from all at Finn Geotherm!

13th December 2021