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Barn conversion in Norfolk

Barn conversion in Norfolk

Self builders Tony and Sally Valentine have never regretted choosing a ground source heat pump from Finn Geotherm when planning their barn conversion heating system.

Having been in the building trade since he left school, Tony headed up a small team of builders and worked with his wife Sally to project manage a set of specialist trades. Their aim was to transform a derelict barn into a stunning new home in the picturesque Norfolk countryside.
The best way to build in heat was a key consideration. There was no access to gas and having ruled out oil, and been concerned about the cost of electric, Tony decided to investigate renewable heating options. He researched the technology, and the companies providing this option, thoroughly before choosing to work with Finn Geotherm, as one of the longest established renewable heating companies in the UK.
The decision was made to use a ground source heat pump as the installation process would fit naturally within the build plan and it was cheaper to run than most other renewable technologies. Compared to an air source heat pump, or other renewable options such as solar or wind, there would also be no visual impact on the overall look of their new home.
As the UK’s only approved installer of the award-winning Lämpöässä ground source systems, Finn Geotherm was able to install a single phase 11KW ground source heat pump to meet the 8.5KW output required. The team worked with Tony to plan the installation of the ground loop, heat pump and underfloor heating into the build schedule.
Tony said:

“Everything went smoothly and three years later we still have no regrets. The fact it is green technology is fantastic, the running costs are lower and the money we get back through the government’s RHI is definitely a bonus. But the overall decision was simply based on what was best for our home.”

The clay render used in the award-winning barn conversion means it is important the building is kept constantly warm. But it is also just as important for creating a cosy atmosphere in the home the couple worked hard to create.
Sally added:

“To find the correct type of heating was really important, to us the barn feels naturally homely and cosy, we have been very pleased with the help we have received from Finn Geotherm.”

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