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Heat pump clinches the deal for forever home

Heat pump clinches the deal for forever home

A homeowner in South Norfolk has specially chosen her new build bungalow because of its renewable heating system.

The detached four-bedroom bungalow is home to Liz Williamson, who purchased the property in 2020. As part of the new build project carried out by the previous owners in 2017, heating was installed in the form of a Panasonic air source heat pump by local renewable heating expert Finn Geotherm.

During her property search, Liz had decided renewable heating was going to be a key feature.

Liz explained:

“I knew this latest move was going to be into my forever home and I was keen to find a property which was more sustainable and environmentally friendly. I especially didn’t want a home with an oil tank in the garden to detract from being able to enjoy the outside space. My previous properties had gas or oil central heating so I had no experience of heat pumps but I knew they were the way forward.”

On moving into the bungalow, Liz quickly became a fan of the air source heat pump, which Finn Geotherm had installed to provide underfloor heating and hot water. Last year, she had solar panels fitted to provide free green electricity to help power her heat pump.

Liz sums up:

“The heat pump heats the house very well and the water is always hot. The thermostatic controls in each room are really easy to operate and I can just leave the system to run. Fitting solar panels has also been a very welcome addition to deliver electricity to run the heat pump – the combination works brilliantly and is a great long-term investment. I would definitely recommend a heat pump. It’s so important to get away from gas and oil and to be more environmentally friendly.”

CO2 savings:

Since its installation in 2017, Liz Williamson’s heat pump has saved approximately 14.3 tonnes of CO2.

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