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Suffolk bungalow banishes oil heating using Boiler Upgrade Scheme

Suffolk bungalow banishes oil heating using Boiler Upgrade Scheme

A 1980s bungalow in Darsham, Suffolk, has been brought up to modern standards thanks to an air source heat pump installation by Finn Geotherm. The project uses the new Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS).

The three bedroom bungalow is undergoing extensive renovation by Suzi Synowiec and her husband Chris to create a holiday home. Having already had an air source heat pump installed in their main property seven years ago, Suzi was keen to do the same in the bungalow.

Suzi explained:

“There is no gas in this rural Suffolk village and the existing oil boiler was very old and noisy, and it desperately needed replacing. Air source was the obvious choice as we are well accustomed to this technology having had it installed in our main home. I remember our last winter with oil there – we ran out just before Christmas and had to pay over the odds to get an urgent delivery. We were totally at the mercy of the oil delivery company and vowed it would never happen to us again! We installed air source in that house seven years ago and have never looked back, so when we bought this bungalow in Darsham, installing air source was the first thing we did.”

Finn Geotherm specified and installed a Panasonic 9kW T-Cap air source heat pump with combined 200/90 litre cylinder/buffer to provide all the heating and hot water. The cylinder was installed in a small plant room area created within the attached garage, as there was insufficient space within the bungalow. The air source fan unit was neatly installed outside the garage. New radiators were also fitted within the bungalow and the insulation was upgraded.

Suzi added:

“The service we received from Finn Geotherm was first class. Communication throughout the entire process, from both the office team and the heat pump engineers, was excellent. We knew exactly what was happening at all times. Their expertise and professionalism to deliver the best possible heating system for us was exceptional, even with the challenge of having to locate the cylinder within the garage.

“The bungalow had a damp quality to it when we first bought it, but with the installation of the air source heat pump, this has totally disappeared. The property is now warm and welcoming throughout.”

The installation is one of the first undertaken by Finn Geotherm as part of the new Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS) – a government financial incentive for homeowners to replace their fossil fuel boiler or electric heating with a renewable heating system. BUS replaces the previous Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) and provides an upfront grant of £5,000 in vouchers for homeowners looking to install an air source heat pump or biomass boiler, or £6,000 for ground source.

Suzi summed up:

“We were really pleased our installation qualified for BUS. This was an extra bonus for a heating system we already wanted. The application process was very easy and with Finn Geotherm’s help, we soon received our vouchers. Having used both RHI and BUS, we definitely prefer BUS – the money is provided when the installation takes place so it’s a much better way to fund your heating project.”

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